A delegation of 27 employees and managers from the banking company Puxin visited the beautiful Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, The Medici Banking Family’s first home (bought and expanded in 1659 by the Riccardi family) for a lesson about florentine banking.
The lesson was presided by Prof. Giampiero Nigro, the scientific director Istituto Datini. The relator introduced the history of finance in Italy and Europe thorough the knowledge of the Medici Family.  The Medici Bank of Florence was the most important financial institution in 15th-century Europe. The Medici Bank was the chief bank for the Roman Catholic curia, and it had branches in the major cities of Italy, as well as in London, Lyon, Geneva, Bruges, and Avignon.  Members of the Medici family became involved in Florentine banking in the latter 1300s and they represent one of the earliest examples of capitalist families rising to social and political power.

Participants were awarded an official certificate of attendance upon completion, and the visit ended with a brief half-hour visit of the amazing Magi chapel designed by Michelozzo and covered entirely by beautiful frescoes painted by the famous painter Benozzo Gozzoli.